"Who are we ?"

The website is published by OBOUO MEDIA LLC for BBLACK INTERACTIVE SPRL

The travel agency is COSTA CROISIERES.


The event is being organised by BBLACK INTERACTIVE SPRL.

The brands BBLACK, CROISIERE BBLACK, EXTRAORDINAIRE CARNAVAL BBLACK, BBLACK CRUISE are the exclusive property of OBOUO MEDIA LLC and BBLACK INTERACTIVE SPRL. All rights resrved. Any copy strictly forbidden.

"BBLACK activities and the bracelet/Pass."

BBLACK activities are private and exclusively reserved to our customers. Access to privatised spaces is controlled and only pass holders can enjoy our events. The wristband/pass is included in our offers. It is sold at our partner agencies.

It is given to our passengers at embarkation. The BBLACK CRUISE is ONLY available on our website (and partner agencies). To book, you need to fill in the booking form online.

"Can I pay in installments?"

Of course. After paying the deposit (approximately 35% of the amount), you will be able to pay in installments until 6 January 2020.

"Will I get seasickness?"

This is a cruise ship whose stability is not comparable to inter-islands ferries. It is a giant of the seas of several thousand tons. After a few hours, you will have forgotten that you are at sea.

"I’d like to embark on one island and disembark on another"

This is not possible. The cruise takes place from port to port. In other words, you disembark where you embark.

"What ID do I need?"

Passport is not mandatory if you are French. In this case, you can also use your national identity card. If you are a foreigner, you will need a passport and perhaps a visa for French Departments and Territories in some cases. Do not hesitate to contact us at +33 179735959.

WARNING : Extended ID cards are not accepted from Fort-de-France and Pointe-à-Pitre. Passports must be valid for the entire duration of the trip (from the day of embarkation to the day of disembarkation).

The physical ID is required to board (a photocopy or any other copy, even certified, will not be accepted).

"What about the drinks"

Drinks are not included. You can either take drinks by glass (<4€/soft and <15€ a cocktail) or by bottle (<45€/champagne). otherwise you can opt for a beverage package according to your needs, for exemple :

- The Brindiamo package : This formula includes unlimited consumption of drinks with and without alcohol served by glass, at any time of the day at the restaurant and at the buffet (lunch and dinner) or bar. 
Price : 185,47€ per person for the duration of the cruise. 

- The Piu Gusto package : This formula includes unlimited consumption of drinks with and without alcohol served by glass, at any time of the day at the restaurant and at the buffet (lunch and dinner) or bar. The ideal formula if you like cocktails. The selection includes all types of cocktails, with and without alcohol, mixed and iced. 
Price : 206,48€)/person for the duration of the cruise. 

- The Giovanni package for children under 18 : The GIOVANI formula is only available in combination with the Drinks reserved for adults formulas (Brindiamo, Più Gusto). Includes unlimited consumption of a selection of non-alcoholic beverages served by glass, excluding products from the mini-bar.  
Price : 122,52€ per child
 for the duration of the cruise. 

WARNING: All occupants of the same cabin must have the same beverage package.

"Will everyone have the same number of events on board? Boarding in Martinique or Guadeloupe ?"

Everyone will have exactly the same number of events.. 

"Can I get off the ship and visit the destinations?"

Yes, you can get off the ship at each stopover. You can discover by yourself or enjoy the many excursions proposed on board.

"Can I pay in cash?"

Accepted payment methods are credit card, cheques, ANCV holiday cheques and bank transfers.

"I’m not French, how can I do?"

All you need is a valid passport and a visa for French Departments (regulations may change).

OFAC for Cuban citizens.

"What about the suitcases?"

Maximum 2 suitcases without weight restriction.

However, it is advisable to travel light, towels are provided on board. An extra-charge dry cleaning service is available.

Warning: No blunt object, no weapon, no iron, no chicha, no prohibited products accepted on board.


"I come in groups but the others are not yet decided"

Be the first and the others will follow ! If there is a risk that passengers will change, opt for Modifications/Cancellation insurance


"I am alone, Can I book a cabin"

To book a cabin, you must be at least 2 per cabin because we do not offer a single cabin. We invite you to look for someone to accompany you. We can also help you find someone.

Leave a comment to find a travel companion below.

We strongly recommend you to opt for Cancellation/Modifications insurance.

Also note that you will need to agree on a beverage package. The 2 passengers in the cabin must have the same package.