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Miami: Don't miss the opportunity to discover these 10 must-see places!

Take advantage of your stay to discover Miami, the city where the sun shines all year round, where art and culture mix in a captivating atmosphere, and where the nightlife is legendary. Here are 10 things not to miss for an unforgettable adventure.

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Stroll along Ocean Drive

    Ocean Drive is the avenue not to be missed. This famous thoroughfare along South Beach is more than just a street, it's an experience in itself.

    By day, you can relax on the white sand beaches that border the Atlantic Ocean, while observing the comings and goings of passers-by. But it is at nightfall that Ocean Drive reveals all its magical potential. Multi-colored neon lights light up, outdoor restaurants fill up, and intoxicating music fills the air. This is where Miami's most vibrant nightlife can be found, with legendary clubs, trendy bars and people coming from all over the world to party.

    A stroll along this famous street is a must for all visitors to the magical city of Miami.

Known for its famous murals, Wynwood is Miami's artistic district. Explore art galleries, admire street art, and sample culinary delights from local food trucks.

Visit the Wynwood Neighborhood

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Discover the Everglades

Take an airboat ride to observe the flora and fauna of Everglades National Park. Watch out for alligators!

In collaboration with Get your Guide, we offer you the following excursion:


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Walking around Little Havana

Stroll the streets of Calle Ocho, soak up Latin American art in its galleries, watch lively games of dominoes at Domino Park, and sample delicious Cuban cuisine, from empanadas to Cuban sandwiches.
Explore Cuban traditions, from cigar making to salsa dancing.
Little Havana is a true journey to the heart of Cuba, without leaving the United States, where the warm welcome and joy of life are contagious.

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Take a Shopping Spree at Sawgrass Mills

Located in nearby Sunrise, Sawgrass Mills is the 4th largest outlet mall in the United States, offering a huge variety of brands at discounted prices.

There are more than 350 stores in Sawgrass, such as Nike, Ralph Lauren, Gap, and major brands like Target, Bed Bad and Beyond and Marshalls.
The little extra, The Colonnade Outlets at Sawgrass Mills, with more than 70 exclusive outlet stores, which cannot be found anywhere in the United States, such as Gucci, Prada, Jimmy Choo or Versace.

How to get there :

Sawgrass Mill

12801 W Sunrise Boulevard
Sunrise, FL 33323

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